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Event Schedule

(Times may vary, be sure to check your pool times)


Friday, November 11th

Saturday, November 12th

Sunday, November 13th


7pm Rivals of Aether

7pm Windjammers


7pm Items Tournament Registration

7pm Street Fighter V 3v3 Teams Registration


Smash Main Stage

8pm Smash Melee Items Tournament


GU Stage

8pm Smash 4 Items Tournament


Project M Stage

8pm Project M Items Tournament


FGC Main Stage

8pm Street Fighter V 3v3 Teams


12am End of GUTS Day 1

FGC Main Stage


11am Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (to Top 8)

1pm Pools A Street Fighter V

3pm Pools B Street Fighter V

6pm Street Fighter V Top 64 to 32

9pm Exhibitions


Smash Main Stage


11am Melee Doubles Begin (to Top 8)

2pm Melee Pools A

4pm Melee Pools B

6pm Melee Doubles Top 8

8pm Smash 4 Doubles Top 8

10pm Exhibitions



Kick Punch Block  Anime Stage


11am KOF XIV


3pm Blazblue Central Fiction
5pm Skullgirls (to Top 8)

​7pm Guilty Gear Xrd Relevator (to Top 4)



12pm Gears of War 2v2

12pm Pokken Tournament


FGC Main Stage


1pm Guilty Gear Xrd Relevator Top 4

3pm Skullgirls Top 8

5pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 8

7pm Street Fighter V Top 8(3 out  of 5)

Smash Main Stage


12pm Smash 4 Top 32

2pm Melee Top 32

5pm Smash 4 Top 8

8pm Melee Top 8


Project M Stage

1pm Project M Top 32

4pm Project M Doubles Top 8

7pm Project M Top 8

GU Stage


10am Smash 4 Collegiate

12pm Smash 4 Doubles Begin (to Top 8)

3pm Smash 4 Pools A

5pm Smash 4 Pools B

Kombat Network Stage


11am Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1pm Killer Instinct

3pm Mortal Kombat XL

5pm Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

7pm WWE 2K17


Project M Stage


1pm Project M Doubles Begin (to Top 8)

4pm Project M Pools A

6pm Project M Pools B

9pm Project M Exhibitions




11am Super Street Fighter II Turbo

12pm Gears of War 4v4

5pm Soul Calibur II

5pm Street Fighter III Third Strike

8:30pm Texas Hold em Poker in the Foxwoods Poker Room

12am End of GUTS Day 2

9am registration 10am doors open

5pm registration  6pm doors open

    10am doors open

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