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GUTS 4 Poker Championship



FOXWOODS is handling all registration and rules for this event. This tournament takes place in the Poker Room not at our event.

     At 8:30pm Saturday night we will be hosting our second annual GUTS Poker Championship!  This Texas Holdem event will only be open to attendees of GUTS and will take place in the historic Foxwoods Poker Room, home of World Poker Tour events and many others.  This will be run by pro dealers and the Foxwoods staff!


*Entry to this event will be $100 that you must pay at Foxwoods in the poker room.


     Visit the poker room anytime after you arrive at Foxwoods to pay your entry fee.  

This year we have teamed up with Foxwoods to promote the $100 Bounty event at 8:30 pm on Saturday as the official Poker event for GUTS 4.

This event will be open to ANYONE at the Casino not just GUTS attendees but this was the best compromise I could get with a large event happening in the poker room this year. This is the event you should all be looking to sign up for with your friends.


When you get to Foxwoods just head to the poker room and say you want to sign up for the $100 Bounty event at 8:30 pm. I would sign up asap when you arrive because this event may sell out.

     We wanted to give our gamers an affordable poker tournament to enter to enjoy our amazing venue with other GUTS attendees.  This is the only event that you can have a Street Fighter, Smash and some kid's Dad face off in an epic showdown!  ANY GUTS attendee can enter this event including attendees with only a spectator pass.

Saturday Poker

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