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CT Gamercon League of Legends 5v5 Rules

CT Gamercon League of Legends Tournament

Presented by

Game Underground, Platinum City Gaming and Microsoft Stores


$3,500 Prize Pool!

1st Place $2,000

2nd Place $1,000

3rd Place $500

Top 8 to be hosted at CT Gamercon 2 at Mohegan Sun March 23-24th 2018


Entrance Fee $125 per Team


4 Online Qualifiers


1st Place Qualifies for CT Gamercon Top 8

Free Admission & Hotel Room at CT Gamercon Sat March 23rd

$1,000 to cover travel expenses (if over 24 teams enter the qualifier)



Dec 4th-16th 2017 Online Qualifier 1

Jan 8th-20th 2018 Online Qualifier 2

Jan 29th-Feb 10th Online Qualifier 3

Feb 19th-March 3rd 2018 Online Qualifier 4


2 Live Event Qualifiers

Microsoft Store Natick, MA Date TBA

Platinum City Gaming  Date/Location TBA in MA


2 Invited Teams TBA


Online Qualifier Information


Sign up at


Each online tournament is a Double Elimination Tournament 2/3 Games

Matches will be played on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Nights at 9pm and 11pm

Teams will be required 2 matches on the first Monday and then will need to check the online schedule for their next start times.

Winners Finals will take place at 11pm on the first Saturday of the event.

Losers Finals and Grand Finals will take place on the second Saturday of the event.

All matches including Finals will be 2/3 Games.

If a team plays in the first qualifier and doesn’t qualify, they will be seeded in the following qualifiers if they choose to enter another qualifier.

Teams are allowed 2 substitution players to swap in if needed.

Teams must report their matches  and confirm their wins and losses.

Winning Team gets 1 hotel room at Mohegan Sun for the Saturday night of the event, and 5 passes for CT Gamercon. If more than 24 teams enter a qualifier the winning team will also receive $1,000 to help with the cost of travel to CT Gamercon. Team must attend the event to receive the $1,000 travel bonus.

All players must be from North America to be eligible to enter.

CT Gamercon League of Legends Discord


League of Legends 5v5 Rules


Game Settings​


Competition Method: 5 vs 5​
Map: Summoner’s Rift​
Mode: Draft​
Tournament Mode: Single Elimination​
Bans per Team: 3​
Game Length: No limit​
Game Winner: The team who completely destroys their ​
opponent’s nexus or forces their opponent to surrender​
Champion Selection: Draft mode will be​
used. Players may only select champions that are unlocked via any means​

Standard victory conditions apply per map. ​
No modifications are all allowed. 


Draft Rules ​


​Draft Options: Tournament will be using the​
draft mode feature. Team will only have 5 members, subs can be used but may only ​
play for one team throughout the tournament.  ​

Draft Order: The team with the better ranking (or listed as the home team) will have the choice to select their side as blue (first pick) or purple (second pick). In a multiple game series, the loser of a game will receive first pick for the next game. ​

Draft mode proceeds in a snake draft format as follows:​

Blue Team= A; Purple Team = B Bans: ABABAB Picks: ABBAABBAAB​


Single-Elimination: Bracket style in which a team is eliminated after losing a match to single opponent.​

Seeding: Random​

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