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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Game Underground?


A. Game Underground is a store in Framingham, MA. We offer classic and current games, arcade machines, birthday parties, and host events and tournaments daily!  Check out for more info while GUTS has hijacked this website.


Q. What is GUTS and when is GUTS 4?


A. GUTS 1 took place in a hotel in Somerville, MA and we had 250 people in attendance.  GUTS 2 took place last year at MIT and we drew over 400!  GUTS 3 was at Foxwoods in Sept 2014 and had over 650 in attendance! We will announce GUTS 4 as more information comes together.


Q. I'm not 21, can I still attend Game Underground Video Game and Music Festival 2?


A. Yes our event is ALL AGES! Laugh is set up to handle all ages including 21+ beverages.


Q. Can I bring my own setup?


A. Yes you can! You will save $5 off your venue fee to any of our events if you bring a full set up including system, game and monitor/TV.


Q. What is Project M?


A. Project M is a hugely successful mod of Brawl.  Click here for more info!





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